One Very Tired Wombat is on display at Northcote Library in Melbourne from 2 – 31 October.  For those of you not in or around Melbourne, I’ve included a few photos.  (You can see a little video of the exhibit on my Facebook Page.)

Wombat at Northcote Library

In addition to fourteen framed scratchboard illustrations, I also curated a little display case as a sneak peak into how I created the book.  I included a few early sketches from the “big sneeze” and draft book mock-ups at different stages.  I also used the space to demonstrate how I create a scratchboard illustration with an in-progress piece and a sampling of my tools.

First shelf of the display case with a sketched book mock-up and early marked-up drafts.

Lucky for everyone, the case was a lot smaller than I expected so  visitors are spared my sketchy pages of color-maps, preliminary drawings, internal sketches, and scribbled-on manuscripts!

The clayboard panels were often too small to include the entire page spread, so I ended up drawing lots of birds from different pages on single panels (which made it quite a bit confusing for the person in charge of scanning!).

I left a big handful of bookmarks for anyone who visits.  Please let me know if you happen to make it by the library.