This has been a very exciting spring for new products. As promised, here are details about my new line of limited edition necklaces.  These are available in three designs and only 50 will be made of each design.

Small Owl, Cardinal and Large Owl Necklaces

Each necklace is hand cut, signed and numbered by the artist and strung on a sterling silver chain.  The pendant is plastic, so they are super lightweight and extremely durable.  They are also slightly curved to lay smoothly on the chest.  Although they are well-sealed with a UV and waterproof coating, I would not recommend wearing them swimming or bathing.  Each necklace is packaged on a recycled card stock.

Finished Product

Big Owl measures approximately 100 x 35 mm, cardinal measures approximately 90 x 30 mm and small owl measures approximately 75 x 27 mm.

These will be available online very soon (I just need some better photos!) and for wholesale (although these did not make it into the catalogue).  Please email me at ReneesArtwork[REMOVE] if you need details about how to get a necklace.