I hate admitting it when I make a mistake… but, (here it is) I made a mistake.

I printed a batch of brooches and necklaces with a cyan ink that is not waterproof.  So, when exposed to even a tiny bit of moisture, the cyan runs.


Normally you can run these puppies through the washing machine and nothing happens (ok, that’s not entirely true, the plastic really doesn’t like a lot of water, but the inks hold tight).

So, you may have a bad brooch or necklace if you purchased it at the 2012 Finders Keepers in Melbourne (October) or Brisbane (November). 

It’s easy to test, just put a little dab of water on your brooch or necklace and wait a few minutes.  If the blue ink runs, then you need to send it back to me and I’ll replace it.

If you have a piece of affected jewellery, just email me at Renee.Treml[REMOVE]@gmail.com and I will send you my postal address.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you!