We are making the long drive to Kangaroo Island (SA) for a little holiday this weekend, where it is bound to be very very chilly.   So, I thought I would share some more warm-and-fuzzy coziness with you, because I am certainly going to need it.

Tea Cozy – Bilby

This is a greater bilby — a type of bandicoot with big rabbit ears and a long tail — sitting in a teacup adorned with Mitchell grass.  Bilbies used to be distributed across most of Australia, but are now endangered, so we see them most frequently at Easter-time as chocolate “Easter Bilbies.” You can read more about these lovelies (and how to help) at Save the Bilby Fund.

I have a few more warm-and-fuzzy tea cozies in progress and when the series is finished, or better yet paused (perhaps when it warms up a bit), I will make the collection into a new set of notecards and prints.

Have a cozy weekend!