I don’t have the words to express how chuffed I am to have in my hot little hands a pre-release copy of One Very Tired Wombat!

With Calvin and a pre-release copy of Wombat

My husband keeps saying, “It’s a real book” and has displayed Wombat high out of reach of little sticky fingers. (Note: we do take it down at story time.)

I am so thrilled by the quality of the print and, of course, that I didn’t find any mistakes (whew! I was really worried about that bit — I guess all those years working with government editors has made me a tad paranoid).

Everyone I have been working with at Random is absolutely lovely and I am so excited to start working on book #2 (which I think is safe to say is official… or as close to official as these things get).  More on that later…

The book will be available in Australia on September 18 — that is just 72 days away, but who’s counting?